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Main Scriptures: Gal.4:17-19

More Scriptures: Gen.1:28, Eph.6:4, Jn.14:26

Yesterday, by the help of the Holy Spirit, we understood that it is profitable to intercede for your wife and children rather than fight them. So, today, let us consider the blessings that we enjoy when as husbands we ventilate upward. When you learn how to ventilate upward, you connect to the power of God which is capable of working through the hearts of your flock to change them for good and God. The Scripture says that the hearts of kings are in the hands of the Lord and He turns them in the direction that pleases Him. It pleases God when your wife submits and honours you (Col.3:18, Eph.5:22). God is pleased when your children obey you in all things (Col.3:20, Gen.18:19). Furthermore, as you ventilate upward, you build a spiritual fence around their lives to the extent that they lovingly learn to submit to you in all things.

However, there are two ways the answers come when you ventilate vertically. Firstly, God changes your heart towards your flock. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, God shows you where you have missed it. It may be in the way you conduct yourself, your attitude, the state of your heart, the words that proceed from your mouth, or even the things you ought to do that you have not done. The Scripture admonishes us to examine ourselves… In another breadth, it says, consider your ways. Secondly, God changes the hearts of your wife and children towards you. He does it by convicting them of their wrong or what they should do that they have not done. Your wife and children are spirit beings because the word of God says that there is a spirit in man…….. So, God ministers to them by His Spirit. God nudges them to see their wrongs and apologize to you. Therefore, when you ventilate vertically, open your hearts to receive instructions from God either to change you or to change your flock. You will always win talking to God rather complaining to man. 


  • Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, open my heart to hear Your instruction.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, empower me to learn to talk to You in all things.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, teach me how to pray the right way and command answers.


I receive grace to be humble before the Lord so that I could hear what He is saying to me as a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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  1. Pastor Jeremiah Baba Adamu Pastor Jeremiah Baba Adamu

    The topic is thought provoking. We should report our spouses and children to God in prayer and not ventilate our anger on them which most times, result to negative action like fighting, quarreling or divorce. May God give us the grace to obey this teaching in Jesus name.

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