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Main Scriptures: Heb.13:1-3

More Scriptures: Mk.9:41, Ti.1:8, 1Pt.4:9

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit helped us husbands to see that when dealing with our wives, we must maintain a good and godly reputation. And that if we do maintain our right standing in Jesus Christ, then God will intervene on our behalf and restore our sheep back to our sheepfold. We are also encouraged as heads of our families to remain steadfast in our walk with God despite the failings and weakness of our sheep. Today, let us consider another way of dealing with your wife. It is called PRACTICING HOSPITALITY.

But what does hospitality mean and how would it positively impact on our wife to change from their wrong ways to the right ways? The word hospitality means the following. It means, to be friendly. It also means helpfulness. It also means generous reception. It also means welcoming. As the spiritual leader in your home, have you stopped being kind to wife because she offended you? Have you become hostile to your wife because she has not done what you asked her to do? Do you keep malice with your wife? Or are generous to your wife with your time, money and body even when she seems to have offended you? Or do you still extend help to her despite her obvious weakness?  You must understand that as the head of the family, the best time to extend hospitality to your wife is when she has offended. Did I hear you say, why? Yes, because that is the will of God for you. It is in those times of showing hospitality to your wife despite her offence that you demonstrate the power and love Christ. In Rom.12:13, the Word of God says share with God’s people who are in need. PRACTICE HOSPITALITY (NIV).

When your wife misbehaves, perhaps, she speaks rudely to you, that is the time to be generous with kind words to her. So, when you choose to speak kindly to her, she will understand the difference. And as you keep at it over time, her need for graceful words becomes filled by your kind words. Why did I say that you must keep at it? It is for the simple reason that you may become weary of watching your wife act unhospitable to you inspite of your hospitality. This is why in 1Pt.4:9, the Scriptures say, be hospitable to one another without complaint. Husbands, you are not to respond to your wife’s misbehavior negatively but rather be hospitable to her. Being hospitable to your wife despite her shortcomings is a sign of maturity. You must care for your wife and be generous. Share your life with her. Let your eyes focus on the love of and mercy of God and let that understanding guide how you deal with your wife. One of the devices of the enemy that you must contend with is revenge. If you revenge what your wife did to you, you are not better than her and that is not the character of the godly husband. Therefore, the next time she offends, show her hospitality.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, destroy every root of foolishness in my life as the head of the family.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, always empower me with heavenly wisdom to be hospitable to my wife and in all circumstances.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, have Your way in my life through and through.


I am always empowered by the Holy Ghost to be hospitable to my wife in all circumstances because that is what makes me the good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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