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Main Scriptures: Jn.3:13-16

More Scriptures: Gen.22:16, Gen.1:28, Rev.5:10

And no man hath ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life (Jn.3:13-16)

As the good and godly husbandman, God wants you to give your best to your wife and children in the same way He gave His best, Jesus Christ, to a sinful world. He did not spare anything to ensure that you and I enjoy the best of Him through the birth, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A lot of the times as the head of the family, we hardly put our best conduct to our sheep because they may have offended us or disappointed us. No matter what happens between you and your wife and children, you must deliberately guide your behavior. Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right (Pro.20:11). Your life and conduct must show commitment, determination and passion to want to be the best leader, mentor and guide to your wife and children.

But how do I become the best and give my best to my wife and children? The first thing you must do is to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You must be born again and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour (Jn.3:1-7). The second step is for you to walk in the reality of your position in God through Jesus Christ. In Gen.1:26-28, the word of God says of you, let us make man in our own image and likeness and let him have dominion over all….. Also, in Rev.5:10-12, the Scripture says that God has made you a king and a priest unto Himself that you may reign in life. Apostle Peter said, you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood and a peculiar people…. Until you can change the way you think, you cannot give your best of God to your wife and children.

God has sent you to your wife and children so that you can be and give your best to them in your character, speech and conduct. Make it count, positively.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to give the best of my life to my wife and children and the world.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, work through me to deliver Your best in me to my wife and children.
  • Father in the Name of Jesus, empower me to speak the truth from an inward heart to my wife, children and in the market place of life.


I offer the best of God in me to my wife, children and the world around me because that is what makes me the good and godly husbandman in Jesus name. Amen.

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