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You Hold The Ace

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Main Scriptures: 2 Kings 4:1-44

More Scriptures: Lk.10:19, Heb.1:2, Lk.10:19

The Bible passage we want to look at today is a rather long one. But I want to give a brief about the event that happened and the lessons we can learn from it as the head of our families. The family in the passage was barren. They had no child. So, one day, the prophet of God visited the family and by divine direction knew that they had no child. He prayed for them and decreed their fruitfulness. Nine months after, the woman conceived and was delivered of a son. Unfortunately, some years later, while the son was in the field with his father, he had a severe headache. He complained to his father. Instead of the father to take his place as a priest and prophet over the life of his son, he sent him to his mother. Sadly, by the time the son got to his mother, his health had deteriorated and he died.

As the head of the family and the person whom God has chosen to be shepherd over His flock-your wife and children- would you have done anything different if you were in the shoes of the man in 2Ki.4? Well, let me give you two examples of husbands who did something differently in the face of negative circumstances. Abraham was the first. When the enemies invaded the community of his nephew, Lot, he organized armies and went to recover what was stolen (Gen.14:13-16). Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, was barren and desperately needed a child. He prayed for his wife and she conceived (Gen.25:20-21). Cornelius was a good man but his family needed a higher understanding of the death, resurrection and baptism of Jesus Christ. He tarried in prayers and God answered him by sending Peter. (Acts 10:1-37).

That is what God wants you to be to your wife and children- a man who will stand against the wiles of the devil; a man who will decree and declare the whole counsel of God. That is your heritage as the head of your family. Let it make sense.


·         Father, by Your Spirit , empower me to rediscover my authority as the head of my family.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to live up to the demands of my assignment as a priest, pastor, prophet and bishop over my flock.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, impart me with the spirit of faith and put me in command of the circumstances of life.


I hold the ace in my family kingdom and I determine what happens to my wife and children as a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.


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