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Dangers Of Ungodly Counsel

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Main Scriptures: 2Sam.13:3-5

More Scriptures: 1Cor.15:33, 1Cor.5:6, Ecc.9:4

As the husbandman, it is very important for you to realize that you cannot be greater than the company you keep. You are directly or indirectly influenced by the relationships we keep. Do you know that one wrong relationship can destroy the cordial relationship you have with your wife and children? And one godly relationship can bring the needed bonding you desire to experience between you and your wife. So, you must be very careful the kind of relationship you initiate. And that is what the Scripture in 2Sam.13 tries to teach every shepherd. Absalom, the son of David had a sister, called Tamar. She was fair and beautiful. Amnon was the brother of Absalom and secretly desired to have a sexual relationship with his step-sister. He did not know how to go about it. He knew it was going to be very difficult if not impossible. But something happened. Amnon had a friend, called Jonadab. He told Jonadab of his evil plan. Rather than his friend to discourage him, he advised him on how best to go about the plan. Jonadab said, lay thee down on thy bed, and make thyself sick, and when thy father cometh to see thee, say unto him, I pray thee, let my sister Tamar come, and give me meat, and dress the meat in my sight, that I may see it, and eat it at her hand (2Sam13:5). And in the following verse, so Amnon did as he was advised. Amnon succeeded in raping his sister. Sadly he paid the ultimate price. His brother Absalom murdered him.

As the head of your family and the spiritual leader over your wife and children, one of the enemies that you must fight and continue to fight is wrong relationships. There are some friends that will not only hurt you but would take you away from your wife and children. There are also some other relationships that would make you act in ways you never wanted to or make you do the things you never wanted to do or have never done before. Due to some relationships, you find yourself going to places you don’t like to go. As the leader in your home, whatever would set you against your wife and children must be resisted, it doesn’t matter who is giving it. There are some actions you took against your wife and children that you wished you never acted upon. However, for you to escape wrong relationships and save your family-fold from the corruption of this world, you must begin to evaluate your circle of friends. Relationships are not forced on people. It is a choice we all make. So anyone or relationship that does not make you better as a good and godly husband must be severed. Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? (Amos 3:3) NIV.  Don’t walk with them, come out from amongst them. They are not profitable.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, renew my mind to think and meditate on the things that are godly.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, guide my feet away from away from ungodly relationships.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, deliver me from wrong company and influences.


I am empowered by the Spirit of God to discern good from evil and I walk in righteousness and holiness because I am pressing to becoming a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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