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Moment With God For Your Wife

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Main Scriptures: Luke 18:1

More Scriptures: Eph.5:27, 1Jn2:1, Jn.10:11

As the head of your family and the shepherd over your wife, what you say in prayers for your wife goes a long way to define the outcome of her life. The will of God is for you to present your wife as a bride without spot or wrinkle (Eph.5:24-27). God wants you to have a godly relationship with your wife the same way Jesus Christ has an everlasting relationship with the Church. So, it is for this reason that God wants you to pray for your wife. The following husbands prayed for their wives. Isaac did (Gen.25:21), Zechariah did (Lk.1:13). So, you should.

The first prayer point that you would pray for your wife is this. My father, in the name of Jesus, please give my wife strength for each day. Why does she need strength for each day? It is because she multi-tasks. She cooks, perhaps washes your clothes, serves your family and friends when they visit, takes care of your children, and sometimes she drops and picks the children from school. If she is not strong for each new day, she may not be able to offer you her best, sexually when you demand for it. Your wife needs your help as her head. She desires to serve you well and in the best way possible. She wants to please you with her entire being. But you are better positioned to help her by praying for her.

The second prayer point is this. My father, in the name of Jesus, keep the heart of my wife from doubts and fears. Why is this prayer very important? It is because your wife is a weaker vessel (1Pet.3:7). She has her fears and doubts. Most times, her past experiences and hurts make it very difficult for her to trust. So, as her shepherd, if you don’t pray for her to overcome her doubts and fears, you will struggle to convince her to trust and believe you. If you consider the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis chapter 21, you discover that the husband believed but the wife doubted. It took the faith of the husband to change the thinking of the wife to trust God for their miracle baby (Rom.4:19, Heb.11:11)

The third prayer point you have to pray for your wife is this. Father, in the name of Jesus, saturate the heart of my wife with Your peace. Your wife needs the peace of God to overflow her mind and heart because of the pressure she is confronted with on a daily basis. She is under pressure to satisfy you and your parents and siblings; the pressure to be a responsible mother and wife; the pressure at work and business. All of these add to her tension. So, as a good and godly husband, you can intercede for her in prayers. And through your prayers, she will be able to take the right steps and informed decisions. You must always remember that you owe your wife the duty to intercede for her because you are her leader and head. Don’t disappoint her.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, teach me how to pray for my wife.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, make me a willing intercessor for my wife.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, give ear to my prayer for my wife.


I assume the responsibility of praying for my wife as well as my children because I am their ordained pastor and shepherd in Jesus Name. Amen.


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