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Husband! (1)

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Main Scriptures: Gen.2:14-18

More Scriptures: Matt.19:5, Eph.5:25, Mal.2:14

God said, it is not good for the Man to be alone. I will make him a helper, a companion. God put the man into a deep sleep. As he slept he removed one of his ribs and replaced it with flesh. God them used the rib that he had taken from the man to make woman and presented her to the man. The man said, finally, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh…..therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh. The two of them, the man and his wife were naked but felt no shame. (Gen.2:18-25) MSG

Who is a husband? Who is the husband? And who is the godly husband? These three personalities are distinct and that is what I will be teaching in the next few days. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will interpret each text and reveal your true identity.

Now who is a husband? A husband is the man who is married to a woman. He occupies space but has not lived up to the expectations of his wife. Everything he does and says makes him more of a sheep than a shepherd. He wears the wedding band but cannot provide for his wife. He talks too much but relies heavily on his wife for his sustenance. He is known around his community and family members that he is married but he does not act or represent how a real husband should act. He molests and embarrasses his wife mentally, emotionally and physically. His identity is lost as a husband.

The husband is the man who is married to a woman and he can function as the head of his wife. He ensures that he provides the material needs of his wife. He cheats on his wife yet he finds it hard to leave her for the other woman. He occasionally beats up his wife physically but is quick to apologize. He sees his wife as a trophy, won and dusted. Beyond the material provision, he is never within reach of his wife to mentor her and nurture her as Christ would (Eph.5:25). He takes advantage of his wife’s weakness and poor family background to unashamedly deal treacherously with her. They are pastors, deacons, choir directors, music ministers, evangelists, ushers yet they behave wickedly to their wives. They have broken the vows they made to their wives when they married them. That is what the Bible calls treachery. And here is a second offence. You fill the place of worship with your whining and sniveling because you don’t get what you want from God. Do you know why? Simple. Because God was there as a witness when you spoke your marriage vows to your bride and now you have broken those vows, broken the faith-bond with your vowed companion, your covenant wife. God, not you made marriage (Mal.2:13-14) MSG. He may have been married for twenty years yet has no fellowship with his wife. That is the character of the husband.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, baptize me with unusual grace to love my wife as You want me to.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to always please You as it concerns my wife.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, deliver me from every spirit of idleness and irresponsibility.


I have been empowered by the Holy Ghost to love my wife as Christ has loved the Church because that is what makes the good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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