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Main Scriptures: Matt.19:5-8

More Scriptures: Mal.2:14, 1 Pet.3:7, Is.3:10

There is the vow we all make during our wedding solemnization. It is a vow and a covenant that we made before God and man. I made it when I married my wife. Unfortunately, today, that vow has lost its power. The vow reads in part, to love and cherish, and in all circumstances. And the Holy Spirit is asking a husband reading this devotional, where are the promises you made to your wife? There are husbands who have never told their wives they love them apart from the wedding day. There are some husbands, who have thrown their wedding bands away because their wives provoked them. Some other husbands have relocated to the house of the strange woman. Some others have continued to deny their wives their due benevolence. It is important for husbands to note that they have been made in the image and likeness of God. What this means is that they have the nature of God in them. No wonder the Scripture say that ye are Gods. So, if we as husbands have the character of God in us, it is expected that we behave like God towards our flock. And we can prove this by keeping the promises we made to our wives faithfully. In Ps.89, the Word of God describes the nature of God, when it says my covenant I will not break. God does not break promises. He is always faithful, no matter the level of our unfaithfulness. God will not become unfaithful because of man’s unfaithfulness.

As the head of the family, you must hold onto your vows, not because of your wife or children, pastor or parents, but because of God Almighty. If you truly fear and reverence God, you will do only those things that pleases Him. Has your wife cheated on you? Keep your vows. Has your wife denied you food? Keep your vow. Has she shown you disrespect and disregards? Keep your vows. God is not an unfaithful God. Let all that you do be done unto God. However, for you to remain steadfast in your vows despite the temptations and trials as the head of the family, you must do the following. Pray by taking authority over every root of disobedience working in the life of your wife. Give a seed to secure the dignity of your wife. Be discreet who you discuss your wife with. Finally, show her love.


  • Father, by Your Spirit, strengthen me to uphold my vows to my wife.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, deliver me from every trap and spirit of unfaithfulness.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, show me mercy and let Your blood prevail over sin and ungodly influences.


I shall hold my marital vows in the fear of God because I want to strive and remain a godly husband to my wife in Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

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