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Main Scriptures: Matt. 26:63

More Scriptures: 2Cor. 5:4, Gal.5:13, 1John 5:3


What is PEACE?

Peace is a state of living in friendship with somebody peacefully. Or a state of being calm and quiet or a situation or period in which there is no quarrelling, violence or war. Peace is a sacrifice. It’s a deliberate decision not to quarrel. Though the imagination of your heart gives you every reason to make trouble with your wife and family, choose to give peace. Making peace is a covenant which honours and glorifies God because God, the Author of marriage is the God of peace. Peace has the strength to multiply itself. It’s a seed capable of multiplying even much harvest when sown.

As Jesus, the Chief Husbandman held His peace; imitate Him this season by holding your peace even in the face of obvious provocation.


I covenant that in the next 30 days I shall live in peace with my wife and family.


I……………………………..(insert your name) declare to be peaceful in my relationship with my wife. I refuse to be angry and forgive her in advance. I refuse every quarrelling or bitterness with my wife and walk in peace. I receive the grace and the Spirit of God to live peacefully with my wife and family in Jesus Name. Amen.

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