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Main Scriptures: Joel 1:12

More Scriptures: 1Chro. 15:25, Ps. 21:1, 2Cor. 8:2, Matt. 25:21


What is JOY?

Joy is a feeling of great happiness or a person or thing that causes you to feel very happy. Try and condition your mind to see your wife as the reason for your happiness. Start to create a picture of her being the reason you are very happy, despite her shortcomings or failings.

Making the decision to be joyful with your wife and family requires a deliberate and conscious decision. The ark was taken with joy.

Joy produces strength in you to overcome the trap of hate. In fact, when you see your wife it should be the cause of your very happiness, and you begin to enjoy God’s unending provision. Let the joy of your wife fill your heart in abundance and you will have no other reason to look outside for alternatives whether in extra-marital affairs, alcohol, smoking or any other addiction.

Go into your wife with joy. Some of us make love to our wives with hatred for her in our hearts and then expect her to be pregnant. No, it can’t happen. Now, go into your wife with joy in your heart and you will be amazed how God will fuse your sperm (seed into her womb for fruitfulness. Hate withers the potency of your seed to fertilize her womb. With the love of God working in your heart, you can revive everything around you, including your fruitfulness.


For the next 30 days, I walk in joy in all that my wife does whether big or small.


I…………………….. (insert your name) rekindle the fire of joy in my heart. Now I see my wife as the reason why I am joyful. I cherish her smiles, her beauty, her cooking, her scolding and her efforts. I respect her and celebrate her contributions to me no matter how small or insignificant they may be.


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