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Main Scriptures: Lk. 21:19

More Scriptures: Rom. 8:25, Jas. 1:4



The ability to spend a lot of time doing something difficult or that needs a lot of attention and effort, or the ability to stay calm and accept a delay or something without complaining.

Do you want to possess the soul of your wife unto godly submission to you? Then make efforts to be patient with her. It requires a lot of effort without complaining.

Being patient with your wife helps her develop her godly character. Your waiting power for a change in your spouse is in being patient with her. Keep doing what is right in prayers, words of encouragement, taking practical steps to correct her in love and in wisdom, while you patiently wait for her change.

Perfect your relationship with your wife in patience. In fact, patience perfects your work and walk with God as a born-again husband.


I stay true to my declaration to be patient with my wife and children for the next 30 days.


I…………………………….(insert your name) declare that I will be patient with my wife, while I work to teach her in love. I perfect my relationship with my wife in patience. I am confident that she will improve and be a better wife and mother. I receive help from my Father in heaven and strength from the Holy Spirit. Amen in Jesus Name.

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