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Main Scriptures: Rom. 11:22

More Scriptures: Ps. 25:7, Ps. 65:4



A show of kindness extended to someone without thinking about what advantage there will be for you. Express kindness to your wife with a good gift. Look at her in the face with the gift and tell her you love her. Not because she is perfect but because she is a gift from God to you and give her a kiss.

Let your action towards your wife be rooted in the goodness, which you have personally enjoyed. Every time you extend a hand of kindness to your wife in any form, you are also satisfied with goodness on your house in return: a case of sowing and reaping.

As you continue to follow after kindness with your wife, you are bound to remain under the canopy of and you will not be cut-off or separated from Him and His blessings.


I covenant to be good to my family beginning with my wife and children from today and all through the next 30 days.


I……………………..(insert your name) will show kindness to my wife today and always. I will buy her a gift; however small it may be. I will support her in ways that will be beneficial to her. I know I am receiving help today. Amen.




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