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Main Scriptures: Matt. 9:22

More Scriptures: Matt. 17:20, 1Peter 1:21,


What is FAITH?

To trust in somebody’s ability or knowledge and believe that what that someone does is right.

Your wife may be weak, but she has giftings. Your wife is not gift less. She may not have all the education in the world, but you must understand that she is endowed with talents and skills. Be devoted to or care for your wife.


It is your belief in your wife’s competences, skills and giftings that brings about the completeness and fulfillment in her life. The first person she needs to encourage her is you and not her friends, her family members, teachers or pastors. Be the first to tell her, “you can make it”, I believe you and will support you”.

Do you know that if you can just show as little faith as in the proportion of a mustard seed to the giftings of your wife, she can become the best thing that would have happened to you?

Your faith in the ability of your wife to be the best of God in life is rooted in God. It is God that will work though you to help her accomplish her potentials.


For the next 30 days, I will keep saying to my wife” you can make it” in both small and big tasks.


I …………………………. (insert your name) believe in my wife and her giftings. I support her and encourage her. I will be the first to tell her that she can be the best of God in Jesus precious Name. Amen


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