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Main Scriptures: Jas. 3:13

More Scriptures: Zeph.2:3, Gal. 5:23, Gal. 6:1, 2Tim. 2:25



Always ready to do what you are asked to do without expressing your own opinion. This is what the Bible calls humility. Do you know that your ability to say “I am sorry” or “Thank you” to your wife is meekness? Yes, it is. Husbands of guts apologize when they are wrong or told so. It does not make them less husbands.

I am glad to let know that meekness is the character of Jesus Christ, your example as a husband. It’s not macho to be heady or arrogant. Infact, it is foolishness. Examine yourself to see if there were things you’re supposed to apologize for which you have not done and apologize or say thank you to your wife.

Seek to be humble and be ready to do what is right by simply say to your wife and children “I am sorry” and “thank you”

The foundation upon which peace, joy and hope will be built for a harmonious marriage relationship with your wife is meekness. That is about the first and most important law.

Meekness frees you from guilt and opens you up to revelation from heaven: wisdom, strength, peace and power. The place of meekness is in your heart. Every time you do something to your wife and children, for instance “I am sorry” or “thank you”, it must be from your heart. It must be sincere and not in hypocrisy.

Meekness is wisdom, pride is foolishness. Through meekness you show your wife and family the path of honour and godly instructions.


Beginning from today and all through the next 30 days, meekness shall be my watchword.


I………………………… (insert your name) apologize if I am told I have wronged my wife and children. I will do what pleases my spouse and children. I am a wise husband/father and not foolish. I receive a right spirit to say “I am sorry” and “thank you”. Help me Lord.

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