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Main Scriptures: Ps.37:23-25

More Scriptures: Mal.3:6, Is.55:11, Jer.23:28

Every time you betray your wife and children, you diminish the trust account that they have built in you over the years. Therefore, you must fight everything and anything that wants to defile your life and make you betray the trust and confidence that your wife and children and others have in you. Why? Because Jesus Christ has not given you the spirit of fear and timidity but of boldness and self-control (2Tim.1:7).

The second test area where you have to measure yourself is fame. As the husband, did your sudden rise to stardom and popularity drag you away from your sheep and sheepfold? Can your sheep trust that you will be the same man of honour, compassion, mercy, grace and faithfulness even in your famous state? As the head of your family you must be very careful not to allow fame and fortune get into your head. Some husbands, as soon as they become famous and rich, they now remember to spend more time with other people outside their family. To some, that is when they decide to start keeping extra marital affair. A lot of husbands lose their honour and dignity because of uncontrolled returns that come with fame and fortune. You must be watchful. Jesus Christ, the perfect example of the Godly husband, admonishes you to watch and pray that you will fall into temptation (Matt.26:41). The reason is because satan goes about looking for who he will take advantage of (1Pet.5:8). Don’t begin to form relationships that will take you farther away from your sheep because you are now famous and wealthy. The third is power. Many husbands fail to understand that being powerful is an increased capacity to serve. The day you discover how powerful you are as the head of your wife and children is not the time for you to insult her, abuse her personality and degrade her self-worth. As the good and godly husband, you do not use your power to threaten your wife and children with abandonment. So, whether you are powerful in knowledge or physical attribute, you must not use it against your sheep but to serve them.

For you to build your trust account whose deposit your wife and children have made over the years, there three practical steps that you must take. The first is that you must daily strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ through fellowship with Him by His word (2Cor.5:17, Ps.133:1). The second step is for you to equip yourself with the weapon of prayer and fasting. Prayer is the cure to fear and indiscipline. Men ought to always pray and not faint (Lk.18:1). If you don’t want to give in when the temptation to betray the trust your wife and children comes forcefully on you, then you must be a man in the likeness of Elijah (Jas.5:17-18).

You must never trade the trust that your wife and children have built in you with temporary gains. You are worth much more. Make your life count positively in the lives of your wife and children.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, deliver me from ungodly and unreasonable men.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, make me useful to my wife and children.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, baptize me with the Spirit of self-control and help me to overcome sin.


I shall not betray the trust that my wife and children have in me and I shall protect it because that is my worth as the good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.


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