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Main Scriptures:  Romans 12:17-18

More Scriptures: Phil.4:8, Lk.21:34, Jas.3:14

Let me ask. What you would you do if your wife doesn’t seem to understand what you expect from her? Do you shout, scream, or beat her up? Do you run away from home and seek alternative in the arm of another woman, drugs or alcohol? Well, let me share with you my personally experience and how my wife and I were able to come out stronger and better.

Wife: Good morning dear. Sometimes I just wonder why at this stage I am still going around the circle. Have you ever wondered why is my wife having strong zeal and all of sudden it dies down? Have you ever seen it as a burden? Do you know the secret battles of inconsistencies I fight?

Husband: No response

Wife: Today is my birthday that you my husband is supposed to be the first person to bless me. But what do I get is a straight face? It is well. I know that I am not perfect but I am working towards it. Have a wonderful day.

Husband: sweetheart, I am sorry if my pressure on you to make progress in your life is getting too much. I am desperate for the best for you. I am restless. I want you to succeed in life and in your career path that God has shown you. I need you to break the power of inconsistencies with a practical determination, daring to add works to your faith, not minding the consequences. I have seen the gentle side of you. I want to see the lioness side of you. I want you to challenge your excuses. I want you to dare to fail so that you can shine to rise. You have shared with me sometimes back your struggles. I need you to break the ice. You have a vision, a fashion designer. Let go those things that easily weigh you down. I know you can. We can. I love you

Wife: No response.

Husband: We have a date tonight. It is your day. Put up your best smile.

When I got home that evening, I prayed for her and hugged her. I made her to make a firm decision to challenge herself. And today to the glory of God, she has attained new vigor and passion for her vision. There was a particular day that she worked till almost 2 am. I was the person pleading with her to stop work and go to sleep. Let the love of Jesus Christ flow in you and through you to your sheep even as you tarry in prayers asking the Lord Jesus to give them a heart to see what you are saying and believe it (Eph.1:18). Therefore, continue to allow the Spirit of God to rule your spirit and teach you how to lead your sheep. It will amaze you how great they will turn out. Love is superior. Make that choice today as a husband.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, give me the wisdom to lead my wife at all times.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, give my wife earing ears and seeing eyes.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, give my wife passion for her vision and bless the works of her hands.


I receive the wisdom of God by the Holy Spirit and by it I influence, direct and motivate my wife and children to become all that God has created them to in Jesus name. Amen.

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