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Main Scriptures: Philp.3:12-14

More Scriptures: Mk.3:10, Lk.16:16, Acts 19:20

One of the most important characteristics of long-distance runners is their focus on the finish line. From the day the runner indicates interest to compete and participate in the race, he imagines, envisions and dreams of breasting the tape before any other athlete. With this understanding, the runner endures the scorching sun, dehydration, pains, discomfort all through the race. He also demonstrates his capacity to be patient with reaching of the finish line in view.

This is the mentality and attitude that God wants you to develop and showcase in your leadership role as the head of the family, because being the head of your sheepfold is not a 100 meters dash. It is for the long haul. It is in the course of leading your wife and children that you learn and act out those virtues of Christ as the good Shepherd. From the beginning, God created the sheepfold to last forever. And so shall the man leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh…….and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder to it (Matt.19:5-6). You must also know that the race that God has commanded you to run-leading your sheep- is a covenant assignment. Everything about you, your wife and children are founded on covenants. And the will of God for you is to be a covenant keeper and not a covenant breaker. ……..It is the wife of thy covenant (Mal.2:14). For the children the Lord has given me, they are for signs and wonders in Israel (Is.8:18).

When you have this understanding and subscribe to the truth of the word of God for you as the man, husband and father, three virtues will flow from you to your sheep. The first is patience. When your wife and children offend you or display unruly character to you or you have noticed their weaknesses which you are not happy about, you will pray for them. So, rather than abuse them, speak hurting words, beat them up or run away from the house, you will continue to prayerfully encourage and motivate them. The second is that you will become a matured leader because you know that their success is your success and their failure is yours. You become a burden carrier. The third is that compassion and mercy wells up in you as you see your sheep as God’s gift to you. And for that reason, you engage yourself to treat your wife as a joint heir and nurture your children in the way and admonition of the Lord (1Pet.3:7, Eph.6:4). The blessing you enjoy looking at the glorious end of your sheep and sheepfold rather than the immediate negative circumstances is that you enjoy the favour of God in your endeavours (Pa.1:6). Secondly, your wife and children become proud of you and continue to see you as the very image and likeness of Jesus Christ that they have read and heard about. Finally, you inherit the kingdom of God (Ps.24:1-3, 1Pet.3:7)


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, help me to see the bigger picture You have for my sheep.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, help me to see the glorious picture You have for my sheepfold.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to manifest the fruits of the Spirit.


I have the fruits of the Spirit of God working in me and through me so I see beyond the weaknesses, limitations and failures of my wife and children but focus on the glory of God in their lives because that is what makes me the good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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