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Main Scripture: Luke 4:40

More Scriptures; Gen.26:8, Ecc.4:11, 1Pet.3:7

Yesterday, we established that when you function as the good and godly shepherd to sheep, they become open to you and by their openness, you get to know them better and deeper. And as a result, you treat them with compassion, mercy and kindness. The second power inherent in you as the godly shepherd is the power to lay your hands on them and restore them to the path of honour and recover them from sickness, diseases, bad habits and ungodly influences.

When the sun went down, everyone who had anyone sick with some ailment or other brought them to Him. One by one He placed His hands on them and healed them (Lk.4:40) MSG.  All through Jesus’ ministry on earth, He touched people-He touched the blind Bartimaeus and he regained his sight. He laid His hands on the damsel and she was brought back to life. And it is the same power that He has communicated to you. I have given you authority and power to trample upon snake and scorpions……..(Lk.10:19). As the godly shepherd, you must understand that you can communicate healings to your wife and children when they are sick, depressed and discouraged. And you do this by laying on of your hands on them. Don’t be afraid that your declaration may not come to pass. Don’t allow the devil to make you think that you are not worthy to act like Jesus Christ to your sheep. This is what the Bible says about you. As my Father as sent me, so sent I you. So, God has sent you to your sheep to be a channel of restoration, recovery and healings.

So, when next your wife is sick in her body or your child is afraid of her examinations or whatever seems to be confronting your sheep, don’t step backward. Step forward like the godly shepherd. Lay your hands on them and pronounce the will of God upon their lives. However, you must operate three levels of access. The first is knowledge. If you don’t know the provisions God has provided for you and your sheep in His word, you cannot operate in power and confidence. Study to show thyself approved as a workman who is not ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth (2Tim.2:15). If you don’t know, you will act wrongly. So, give attention to the study of the word of God, meditate on it and live it in faith. The second level is faith. For by faith, the elders obtain good report (Heb.11:2). Without faith, you cannot access the power of God to heal, deliver and save. The third is the level of bold speaking. It is not enough to believe God; you must declare it boldly. For with the heart man believeth and with the mouth confession is made…..(Rom.10:10). There is so much that God wants to do to your sheep through you. You must make yourself available to God and to your sheep because that is what makes you the good and godly shepherd.



I am the good shepherd and I exercise my healing power and authority over every sickness challenging my sheep and around my sheepfold because that is what makes me the godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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