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Main Scriptures: Jn.10:9-10

More Scriptures: Rom.12:2, Matt.1:9, 1Tim.4:12

As a husband reading this devotional today, I want you and I to do a quick check on our status as the head of our families. Do we smell nice to our sheep? Can our flock savour us as sweet-smelling incense? As the head of your family and the shepherd over your sheep, you must understand that your life is created to affect your wife and children positively. Your presence in the lives of your wife and children should be a source of blessing and not a curse. God sent you to lead your wife and provide fatherly influence over your children in ways that please Him. He did not make you the head of the family to be a burden. The word of God tells that Jesus Christ came into this world to give us life and abundantly so (Jn.10:10). And because you have the life of Christ in you, your life must add value to your sheep and not reduce it.

However, for you to be a sweet smelling savour to your wife and children, you must be born again. You must give up on your old ways of sin and give in to the new nature of holiness and righteousness. God is holy. Jesus Christ is also holy. It is when you have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ that you begin to smell sweet to your wife and children. That is when your presence excites your sheep and your name brings smiles to the faces of your sheep. The second is for you to keep working on yourself by renewing your mind with the word of God. The Bible admonishes you to renew your mind by the word of God (Rom.12:2). The more of the word of God you allow into your mind, the better you become to respond rightly to your wife and children when they offend you. It is important for you to know that your life is summed up in the words of your mouth, the meditations of your heart and the conduct of your life. And only the renewed life in Christ guarantees the demonstration of the life of Jesus Christ. The third is for you to ask the Lord in prayers to empower you to reflect the nature of Christ. Read this Scripture. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philp.2:13). Prayer is not just for you to secure what to eat, drink or wear. It is also a platform for you to ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to function as the head of your family.

Now, these are the blessings you enjoy when you become a sweet smelling savour to your wife and children. The first is that you enjoy goodwill from your sheep. Your wife and children will desire good for you and will look forward to your presence. The second is that your sheep will pray for your safety and for God’s favour to rest upon your life. The third is that they will make their boast in you and make you a shining example to other husbands to emulate.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, make me a sweet smelling savour to my wife and children.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, transform me from inside out and let my life bring You glory.
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, make me a good and godly husband to my wife and children.


I have the mind of Christ and I radiate the life and glory of Jesus Christ to my wife and children because that is what defines my headship as a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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