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Main Scriptures: 2Cor.11:22-24

More Scriptures: Rev.5:12, Col.1:29, 2Thess.3:8

The title of today’s devotional was derived from a teaching I listened to. The preacher was one of my mentors. His name is Bishop David Oyedepo. He said, “Every champion has a scar, wake up”. And the Person of the Holy Spirit inspired and related this to the-behind-scene encounters every victorious and godly husbandman has. A lot of the times, we admire godly husbandmen who are enjoying their relationship with their sheep. We want to be like them. We desire the honour and respect they enjoy. There is nothing wrong if you want to be like them. But you must understand that behind their great success as the godly man, husband and father are scars. They have overcome challenges, gone through fire, walked over temptations and discouragement.

So, if you want to become a triumphant husbandman, there is a price you must be ready to pay. If you see a godly husband who loves his wife and children sacrificially, he has a story to tell. If you meet a husband who has demonstrated tremendous goodwill toward his wife and children, taking up the responsibility of nurturing and developing them, he has paid some price. Therefore, to become a triumphant husband is not cheap talk. It is hard work. As the leader over your wife and children, and as the spiritual light of your sheep, you must be prepared and ready to take the punches from adversaries. You must be ready to take the fall, receive the insults and embarrassment. You must be ready to fast, pray and engage in intense study of the word of God more than your flock would do. A lot of the time, husbands always think that being the good and godly husbandman is risk free. They forget that there is any enemy-the devil- who wants to unseat the husbandman. Satan corrupted the first husbandman, Adam, and he has not stopped at attacking the shepherds. His mission is three-fold. Satan came to steal, and to kill and to destroy (Jn10:10). You cannot wish it away. If you are not prepared to contend for the welfare of your family kingdom, then you are not set to wear the crown of glory. But for you to become a champion, you would have to engage your life in doing the following. Firstly, you must develop a spiritual map for your life and family. This will give you direction on when and how to pray for your wife and children. For instance, I pronounce blessing upon my sheep every morning. Secondly, you must understand that your headship is being contested by the enemy-satan. This means that your real enemy is not your wife or children. With this understanding, you engage the mystery of the name and blood of Jesus. In Rev.12, the word of God says, they overcame him by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the words of their testimonies (Rev.12:10). And as you engage satan in a fight to secure the heritage of your wife and children and your family kingdom, you will receive from the Lord blessing, riches, wisdom, honour, glory and power (Rev.5:12).


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me with the Spirit of faith to triumph over the challenges associated with being the godly husbandman.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, make the words of my mouth like fire to burn every opposition on my way to living the godly life.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, baptize me with the spirit of truth and revelation.


I contend against the devil and his agents with the weapon of the Name and blood of Jesus Christ because God has ordained me to be the good and godly man, husband and father in Jesus Name. Amen.

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