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Main Scriptures: 1Tim.4:4-5

More Scriptures: Heb.4:12, 1Tim.4:5, Jn.17:17

I will not fail to acknowledge the help of the Person of the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of this assignment of raising godly husbands. I am as amazed as you are every time He opens up to teach me because when I read the teachings, I am blessed just as you are. Today’s teaching is the result of His help again.

I believe you know exactly what a car wash is and what happens there. The car wash is where cars are taken for thorough cleaning. Now, let me share my personal experience and how this connects to my function and yours as husbands. Sometime back, I did not like the state of my car engine. It was very dirty, and full of grease spills. So, I took it to the car wash and I specifically told the washer man to clean the engine for me, although I was wondering how he would achieve it. But just before he started, he brought out a container and poured some content in very little quantity on specific spots around the engine. After a while, he brought out his washing machine and began to spray the engine with water. Few minutes later, the engine came out sparkling clean.

Now, this is what God wants you to do as the head of your family. You are like that car wash man and your wife and children are like the car engine. Your flock may be dirty and unattractive, but you have the chemicals that would bring out their beauty. Why? For every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving. For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer (1Tim.4:4-5). Your wife and children are good creatures from God. So, the dirt you see in them needs to be thoroughly cleaned by you so that their real beauty can be seen. They are goodly assets that must be received with thanksgiving. You can clean them up just the same way the car wash man cleaned the engine of my car.

Therefore, what type of chemicals can I use to clean up my wife and children.-that is how do I sanctify them? First, you clean them up by the word of God. The Scripture says that they are cleaned by the washing of the word. The word of God is powerful. It can pierce through anything, be it physical, emotional, circumstance. In Heb.4:12, God’s word says that for the word of God is alive, powerful and sharper than any two-edge sword, piercing the soul and spirit, discerning the thoughts and intent of the heart. The second chemical is intercession. For it is sanctified by PRAYER (1Tim.4:5b). The greatest mistake you would ever make as a leader is to assume that your wife and children would fall in line with the word of God. You have to take personal responsibility to intercede on your knees for them. That is your call!


  • Father, by Your Spirit, teach me how to pray aright for my wife and children.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, help me to see the big picture about my wife and children.
  • Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, deliver me from the pull and power of discouragement.


I take hold of the truth of God’s word and will apply the word and prayer to clean my wife and children because it is my call as a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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