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Main Scriptures: Mark 14:49-50

More Scriptures: Jn.10:12, 1Sam.1:8, Lk.1:8

When I finished writing yesterday’s devotional, I began a journey through the manual of life to find out the mind of God for husbands. And I encountered Mark chapter 14 and the Person of the Holy Spirit asked this question, which I believe you and I must ask ourselves as the shepherd over God’s sheep-wife and children. Can we forsake and abandon our sheep in their times of need? Well, you may say no. But it is possible to abandon your wife and children if you are not vigilant to know who you and what God has called to be to them.

This is what Mark chapter 4 says. I was daily with you in the temple teaching and ye took me not, but the Scriptures must be fulfilled. And they all forsook him and fled (Mk.14:49-50). The true test of a good and godly shepherd who truly loves his wife or children is be available for them even when the circumstances around his flock are not only favourable but also depressing. For instance, the doctor diagnosed your wife of a medical condition that is depressing-may be cancer, fibroid, e.t.c. Or perhaps, your child is struck with a strange disease or sickness. Do you flee from them or abandon them to their fate? A lot of husbands have forsaken their flock. Some have fled.

As the captain of your family ship, you cannot allow your sheep to be destroyed by the forces of hell. You must stand strong for them because only a hireling runs away from battle. Good and godly shepherd fights until victory is won and established in favour of his wife and children. Let me share with you my personal testimony as a shepherd. When I got married to my wife, we did not envisage that there would be delay in having children. But it did happen. We had delay. During this period also, my wife was diagnosed to have fibroid and weak cervix. The doctor, who happened to be one of the respected gynecologists in the town where we lived advised us not to contemplate having children because of the risks to the life of my wife. I knew that abandonment was not the answer. I knew that extra-marital affair was not an option. I also knew that the drinking bar or continuous insults on my wife by me will never be the best way out. It was clear that satan wanted to steal our joy of parenthood. I was sure that the way to victory was and is still in God. So, I decided to partner with God because I was sure of victory. And surely as God lives, He made us fruitful, and today by the grace of God, we are blessed with three amazing children. Another time was when my first child was plaque by a strange illness that even the doctors could not understand. She was increasing in body size each passing day. I stood my ground and God gave us victory. You can take the battle to the enemy’s gate. Stand with and for your wife and children because that is where your honour lies as the good and godly shepherd.


  • Father, by Your Spirit, empower me to fight the good fight of faith.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, fill me with the Spirit of faith for a triumphant living.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, endue me with the power to win every battle confronting my wife and children.


I have power with God and I win every battle confronting my wife and children because that is my crown of honour as the good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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