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Main Scriptures:  Genesis 9:18-23

More Scriptures: 1Tim.3:3, Hos.4:11, Pro.20:1

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit helped us, who are spiritual leaders and head of families, to appreciate the truth that drinking alcohol is not a thing of pride or status symbol. God’s word says that any husband who engages in alcoholic consumption is foolish, irrespective of the applauds he gets from the world. Today, let us look at the impact of this sinful act on our sheep.

A research was conducted on those who are drunks or addicted to alcohol. And it was discovered that most men who drink alcohol saw their father drink alcohol. This suggests to every husband that your action does not only have a present effect, it also has a future impact on those you have been given to lead. Your son or daughter watches you drink alcohol or store some in the fridges. And you think it doesn’t matter. It is just a matter of time for them to want to taste the content, not out of disobedience but out of inquisitiveness. This is why I said that whatever the husband tolerates the family will celebrate.  If you tolerate drunkenness and alcoholism, your children will celebrate it. Afterall, you have shown to them that it’s a good adventure. 

Alcohol and drunkenness cannot solve your financial and emotional challenges. No! You may have been deceived that when you consume alcohol, your sorrows will be gone. It is a lie. This is why the bible says that do not be deceived. Just ask yourself this question. When you got over your drunken state, did you not confront the same challenges you were trying to run away from? Yes, you did. Rather than run away from the challenges facing your family in any form, confront it headlong because you are the head of the family. Your headship confers on you spiritual responsibilities and power to deal with any form of satanic infiltration into your family. What strengthens you as the good shepherd to walk over the troubles of life is not in alcohol or strong drink. It is the state of your spirit man, which can only grow and be fed by giving attention to the Word of Life, the Bible, meditation, prayers and spiritual disciplines. Proverbs 18:14 says the spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity. Your infirmity may be childlessness, or failures, or business or academic setback. It may even be a nagging wife or wayward children. Don’t give up. Get strength from God’s Word. Believe what God says about the situation. Confess God’s promises boldly and consistently. And you will just discover that those challenges are over without bringing disgrace to your personality through alcohol or strong drink consumption.


  • Father, by the blood of Jesus Christ, deliver me from the power and influence of alcoholism.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, give me a heart that will fear You and help me to walk in obedience to your command.
  • Father, by Your Spirit, establish my testimony as a good and godly husband


l fight the good fight of faith for my righteous testimonies through the power in the blood of Jesus Christ because I want to be the good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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