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As a shepherd, you are the apprentice and Jesus Christ, who is the perfect example of a good and godly husband, is the Master. Every skill, knowledge, information and examples you will require to excel as the head of your family and as a godly man, husband and father is in Him. So, if you want your sheep and the people around you to notice the life of Jesus through you and bring glory to His name, you must deliberately sign up for apprenticeship with Jesus Christ.

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Keep A Cool Head And Stay Alert

The devil who is determined to make you worthless as a man, husband and father will not come in human form. He will come through the things we read, hear and watch. This is the more reason why you must continue to be watchful over the kind of relationships you initiate and maintain; the nature of conversation you get involved in; the places you go; and the books you read as well as the programmes you also watch and listen to

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