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Main Scriptures: Jn.5:38-39

More Scriptures: Jn.17:17, 2Cor.5:19, Lk.4:32

And ye have not his word abiding in you. For whom he hath sent, him ye believe not. Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify of me (Jn.5:38-39).

Let me begin by establishing these truths about your calling as the husbandman. First, husbandhood is a fight of faith. Second, husbandhood is for greater works and not for fanfare. Third, husbandhood will be challenged by the wiles of the devil. If you understand these realities, you will confront every obstacle in your way as the husband with a warfare mentality. For example, your wife moves out of your home to an unknown destination without your knowledge and you think it is fanfare? Your child whom you have known over the years as an obedient child suddenly begins to manifest rebellious tendencies and you think it is fun? There are many more of such negative tendencies that you could see happen in and around your family fold. They all point to one truth- satan, your adversary wants to kill, steal and destroy your family kingdom (Jn.10:10). You must stand up to the devil and chase him out.

But how do I chase the devil out of my family fold and from the lives of my wife and children? You resist the devil by the word of God. Satan will not respond to the size of your chest. He will not respond to the amount you have in your bank account. He will not even submit to you because of the fluency of your language. Satan will depart from you by the word of God. That is how Jesus Christ chased him out. This means that a wordless husband is powerless. As the husband and the head of your family, the place where you can find the tools to lead your flock successfully and according to the will of God is in the word of God. This is because it is life to those who find them and health to all their flesh (Pro.4:22). So, make friendship with your Bible and depend on the Holy Spirit to unveil the nature of Christ to you for an impactful life as a good and godly husband to your flock and the world.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, teach me Your ways by Your word.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, open my eyes of understanding to behold wonders from Your word.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me by the Spirit of Your word as I study it.


I search the word of God daily to find the will of God for my wife and children as a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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