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Month: May 2018

It Starts With A Thought

While I was meditating on the challenges husbands are faced with and their responses, the Holy Spirit, my Teacher and Guide said these words to me. “Everything begins with a thought” . He said that every negative lifestyle and habit that husbands find themselves in begin with a thought. Wife battering, adultery, dishonesty, lack of confidence, bitterness, envy, hopelessness, insecurity, fear, unforgiveness, hatred, tightfistedness, addiction to pornography and drugs all begin with a thought.

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Revive The Stones

Your family members, friends and colleagues may have told you that there is nothing good that will come out of your wife and children. This was the experience of Nehemiah. But as a responsible shepherd, the negative outcomes of your sheep are not as important as rebuilding their lives. You are the change agent God has sent to their lives to repair those areas where they are failing or have failed.

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Responsibility, Access To Your Inheritance (1)

No husband will ever take possession of his godly inheritance in Christ unless he becomes responsible spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. A lot of the times as the head of the family, we are quick to claim the promises of God for our positions, we are also quick to remind our flock that we are the head of the family, yet we continue to fail in living up to the expectations of the calling of our office

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The Whole Duty Of Man

Your duty as the head of your family is to fear God and keep all His commandments. The word of God says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When you reverence God and obey all His instructions as they concern you as the man, husband and father, then you will be filled with the wisdom of God. And no shepherd operates the wisdom of God and misses his place in sheepfold.

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