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Main Scriptures: John 10:12-15

More Scriptures: Pro.27:23, Ezk.34:23, Amos 6:1

Before God sent me to raise godly husbands around the world, I had limited ministry to being only an ordained pastor, apostle, evangelist, or prophet. But over the years and by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, my greatest Teacher, I have come to discover and know that husbandhood is ministry. According to my father and mentor in the faith, Bishop David Oyedepo, ministry is the execution of the assignment God has given to any man. According to him, when God tells you what to do, it is an assignment or mandate, but when you apply yourself to do the assignment, that is your ministry. He emphasized that many people are at the level of mandate or assignment. They are yet to commence the task.  This is why it is very important that knowing that you are the head of the family as the husband is not enough. It is doing what the office demands that is very important to God and doing the tasks according to His plan.

So, being the husbandman is indeed a call to ministry. It is a full-time assignment and not part-time. And if any shepherd will have a firm grasp of his assignment as the man, husband and father in line with the covenant demands from Scriptures, he will reign as the godly husband.  It is for this reason that in the next four (4) days, I will be sharing with you the ministry of husbands. Your position as the head of the family is a call to service. It is the most important leadership quality of any godly shepherd. Everything you do for and to your sheep is for the purpose of serving their interests. When you do the will of God for your sheep, He honours and rewards you with abundant peace, health and joy of the Holy Ghost. But for you to succeed in your ministry as the husbandman, you must know your sheep. It is your knowledge of your wife and children that helps you know their likes, dislikes, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, fears and faith. It is what strengthens the bond of friendship between you and them. Jesus Christ, the perfect example of the good and godly husband testified of this truth. The Scriptures say, I am the good shepherd, and I know my sheep and am known of mine (Jn.10:14). You must understand that knowing your wife and children is hard work and requires your patience and perseverance. It also requires diligence and wisdom. It will demand your spiritual, physical and mental input. Be thou diligent to know the STATE of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds (Prov.27:23).

But as you seek to know your sheep, you must be careful of these satanic traps. The first is the trap of ungodly relationship and friendship that will give wrong counsel and take you away from your sheep. The second is the trap of getting comfortable with what you know about your sheep. The word of God warns against this attitude in Amos 6. Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion. (Amos 6:1).


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to know my sheep deeply and truthfully.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, open my eyes to see things about my sheep.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, give me the wisdom to understand my sheep and help me to walk with them wisely.


I take responsibility to know my wife and children so that I can relate with them in wisdom, understanding and good judgement because that is what makes me the good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    I want you to know I am going through a tough time and possible divorce now because I was not the head of my flock. I let lust get to me because I let God go out of my life. I did not do it physically but thinking it aanf saying it. I am going back to church this morning and have already confessed my son’s to my preacher and set up an appointment for me to start counseling. I’m trying to stay positive and pray that this is just a bump in our marriage. I love this woman more than life itself. I messed up!

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