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Main Scriptures: Gen.12:1-3

More Scriptures: Ps.128:6, Ps.127:3, Is.61:9

If you live in Nigeria, the word, subsidy, would not be strange. It is a term used very prominently in the petroleum industry. Subsidy means reducing the original price or cost of a product or better still selling a product below its real market price. Now, what is the Person of the Holy Spirit telling you and I as heads of our families regarding our relationship with our sheep? He is simply saying that it is ungodly for you to devalue the worth of your wife and children. It also means to reduce the value of your sheep before the people of the world. As the head of your family, it is particularly important for you to understand that your wife and children are precious, valuable and priceless in the sight of God. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. God created them with enormous value and potential.

For instance, in Ps.127:3-4, the Scripture says, Lo, children are heritage of the Lord…… as arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Your children are mighty arrows in your hands. They are blessed seeds. Do not sell them cheap. In Ps.128:3, the Bible has this to say about your wife. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house….. Anything that is fruitful is valuable. It is protected and jealously guarded. That is who your wife is. She is a fruitful vine. She has been created by God to bear good fruits-honour, respect, obedience, compassion, kindness, support and much more, to you. So, don’t treat your wife like trash.

So, the question is how have you subsidized your wife and children? First, you have subsidized your flock by the way you have treated them. When you beat up your wife or abuse her or even speak words that reduce her self-esteem and self-worth, then you have subsidized her. This is why the word of God admonishes you to likewise husbands, dwell with your wife according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife……(1Pet.3:7). And in Mal.2:14, the Scripture warns that let no husband deal treacherously against his wife …… Secondly, you subsidize your children when you abuse them mentally, emotionally and physically. You also reduce their worth when you do not train them in the way of the Lord, as commanded by God. You must understand that as a father, you are the first influence over your children. It is not their schoolteachers, pastors or your wife. In Eph.6:4, The Bible says father, nurture your children in the way and admonition of the Lord. Your headship is to make all the good and godly difference in the lives of your wife and children. Honour God and make it count.


  • Father, by Your blood, forgive me for subsidizing my wife and children from within and without.
  • Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, give me another perspective of my role as the godly man, husband and father.
  • Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, break every satanic siege around my calling as the good shepherd.


I take a firm decision that from today I will begin to appreciate my wife and children at home and outside the home because that is God’s will for me as a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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