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Bible Texts: Dan.9:2, Jn.5:39, Rom.8:1, Pro.23:23

One of the greatest heritages that God has given to you and I is His word, captured in the Bible. But you and I cannot be greater and better than who we are and what we do except we study the Bible and other anointed books. This is why after today’s teaching, you must make a commitment to study in order to destroy ignorance and walk in the light of the truth as you relate with your wife and children.

I Daniel understood by books….(Dan.9:2) That is the secret of Daniel.

One of the principal ways you can grow and develop the capacity to function as the good and godly man, husband and father is to read books. Thankfully, every information you require that would help your understanding of how you should conduct yourself as the good and godly husbandman and lead your wife and children spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially are all in the Word of God. So, it is your responsibility to search the Bible. Search the Scriptures, for there in ye think ye have life……(Jn.5:39).

But how do you engage the power of books? The first step is to be born again by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This demands that you leave your old ways of sin and unrighteousness and walk in truth and righteousness (Jn.3:4-9). Secondly, you must have and live a concentrated life (Rom.8:1, 2Cor.5:17). Thirdly, you must engage the power of the Holy Ghost to empower you with the reading grace. Fourthly, you must develop a reading plan and invest in buying books. The word of God says, buy the truth and sell it not…(Pro.23:23). Finally, ask the Person of the Holy Spirit to give you seeing eyes and hearing ears.

When you give attention to studying books, you receive direction on what to do and how to do it. You also receive knowledge that gives you good and godly advantages and influences over satan, sin and the world. There is power in reading. Make it a lifestyle as the good and godly husbandman.

Prayer Focus: Prayer For The Family (Day 29 of 70 Days)

  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, show my family mercy and make us the envy of our world by Your acts (Micah 7:18)
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, do not judge us according to our imperfections in the year 2022 (Lam.3:22-23)
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, let Your mercy prevail always over my family on all fronts in the year 2022 (Jonah 4:2b)

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