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Month: July 2018

The Awesome And Godly Husband (3

As an awesome husband, God wants you to have control over your emotions even in the face of provocation either from your sheep or from outsiders. This is why the Word of God admonishes us to put your bodies under…. You cannot avoid your wife or children offending you because they are not perfect. It is how you respond to their negative attitude that is very important

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Why Am I So Empowered?

As the head of your family and the spiritual authority in your family fold, God wants you to have dominion over every negative influence, temptation or landmine that satan may want to or has set for you, your wife and children. God did not make you the head to be defeated. He did not send you to lead your wife and children to be defeated by adultery, unforgivness, adultery, bitterness, lovelessness, poverty, lack and want and sickness.

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You Need Power To Count

As a husband who wants to live a good and godly life, you cannot succeed by your skill, wisdom or strength. According to Scriptures, “it is not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of God” Zech.4:6. It is the Spirit of God that energizes you to look your wife in the eye after she has offended you and tell her she is valuable and you still love her. It is the same Spirit that empowers you to reject any offer from a strange woman to commit adultery.

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